Why do some insurance companies SURCHARGE


Why do some insurance companies SURCHARGE  Your NJ  Workers Comp Premium?

 To a large extent, New Jersey Work comp is controlled.

  • Rates are published by the “Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau”
  • All companies must use those rates
  • Statistical date is maintained by the NJCRIB

There are certain circumstances that allow for a Surcharge on the premium developed using those rates

Placement in the “Assigned Risk” of Work Comp

If your policy is placed in the NJ Workers Comp Ins Plan (Assigned Risk) there is an AUTOMATIC surcharge of at least 17%    It can be MORE

Insurance Company filed Rate Surcharges

Some insurance companies think they need more money that the filed rates allow.  They ask for (and get) approval for a ‘rate surcharge’ over and above the state filed rates.

Good News.. You have choices!

There are alternatives to surcharged policies.  We deal with several “A” rated insurance companies that are Actively Seeking new Home Health Care Insurance Accounts.

Some of them actually DISCOUNT ….

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